Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trucking Mishap

Saturday nights are the college guy's meeting/hang out night. We were supposed to meet at one guy's house, who is out of town but is being house-sat by another friend. We were just gonna grill some burgers and chill out, all good right? Well one guy and I were there waiting for the two leaders when we got a call saying that they had borrowed (out-of-town-friend's) Dodge Ram 1500 to help someone move, and decided to go mudding. Well they had gotten stuck and we had to go pull them out. The only thing we had to pull them with was (out-of-town-friend's) brand new $45,000+ Ram 2500 Cummins. And, since it's a manual transmition, I had to drive (because people are dumb and can't drive a manual). Now, you might be thinking "oh, big deal". Well considering I'm used to driving a little Chevy Lumina and the only manual I've driven is a Subaru Forrester, AND it's not my truck....yeah....hyperventillation. So we manage to get the giant truck to the place where they were stuck. Very narrow dirt road bordered by trees. So after getting them free, I had to back the truck out of the woods. BACKWARDS. In my friend's brand new (very expensive) baby. So today we took the truck to Wawa and power-washed the mud off it and had to tell (getting-back-in-town-owner-of-the-trucks) what happened.

In short...never the f*ck again. EVER.

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