Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MR-2 Part 2

Now on to the bad. The first night I had it it rained overnight. The next morning, I got into the car and the seats were soaking wet because the t-tops leaked. I fixed that with some silicone gooey stuff. First thing we did was have all the belts and hoses replaced. Then the engine kept having lots of unhappy issues so total we put around 2 grand into fixing the dang thing. Now the engine works great, maybe SLIGHT valve tap but not too bad. The front right suspension shakes and knocks at 50-60 mph and also when going over bumps. About two months ago I got into an accident. I rear-ended a Saturn at about 20mph. I went under the car, so the bumper didn't really crumple, but it got scraped good, and maybe the underpinings are bent, but it doesn't effect drivability. The hood is dented and smushed flat at the front with a great gash about 1/4 the way up on one side. The headlight covers have dents, and the front right corner of the front right fender is dented in. I need to replace all of those parts. More recently, I was driving in heavy rain at night, turning right at a stop light. I hit a large puddle, which kicked the back end out. I countersteered and brought the back end back in line, but it kept going the other way and I hit a curb, pushing my front left wheel towards teh back of the car by about 2-3 inches. It bent the "lower arm" and cracked the "strut bar". I have a new lower arm and I ordered a new strut bar. Should be interesting.

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