Sunday, August 9, 2009

District 9 Anticipation

District 9 is an upcoming movie by Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson. That's right, the same duo that was slated to make the (now cancelled) Halo movie. District 9 is based on Blomkamp's short-film "Alive in Joburg". Basically District 9 is about a race of extra-terrestrials (aliens) that lands on our planed due to emergency. Multi-National United, a huge corporation, is put in charge of "dealing with" the aliens (referred to as "non-humans"). MNU puts the non-humans in a huge slum called District 9. Only interested in non-human technology and weaponry, MNU couldn't care less for the non-human's well being and won't let them leave. One man finds a piece of alien technology while evicting some non-humans in District 9 that alters his DNA, making him a human/alien hybrid, allowing him to use non-human technology, and making him the most wanted man on Earth by both humans and non-humans alike.

District 9 Trailer

Alive in Joburg

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