Monday, May 24, 2010


It's no secret that I love old cars, while I couldn't care less about most new cars. One of the things that makes old cars special is that each individual car, not even each make and model, but individual cars have personalities....little foibles that turn a soulless machine into something more. I just thought I would share things that I feel give my car personality.
-intermediate wipers are broken
-rear visor has rubber plumbing washers shoved in it to keep it from buzzing
-steering wheel squeaks
-really, really slow electric windows
-oddly spaced pedals
-front left running light sometimes needs to be hit to turn on
-right headlight squeaks when opening/closing
-hood, bumper, slam panel, headlight covers, both front fenders, front lip, and spoiler are from other cars
-fuel door doesn't like to open easily
-antenna doesn't go up, so you don't get many radio stations
-shift boot squeaks
-steering shakes at 70mph
-windows like to fog up
-t-tops leak a little bit sometimes, not at all some other times
-oil pressure gauge is broken and reads naught
-speedo needle shakes at anything under 25mph
-odometer reads 64,213.9 miles more than the car actually has gone

No other car has those exact same little niggles and that helps make my car unique and gives it personality. I love my car.

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Alan said...

Just to let you know, I read your entire blog, I have a red n/a AW11, your information is very informative.