Monday, November 18, 2013

1986 MX72 Cressida Wagon Build "Joby" Part 8

I forgot to mention that Gearbox Magazine, a small online digital car mag, liked my build and decided to feature this thing.
Check it out!

Shocks came in! 
Today I spent a solid 5 hours over at Mitchell's house figuring out how to fab up a bracket to let me use the Celica-Supra seats. We ended up getting the driver's seat in and its sah-weet!

It's weird that the wagon has a better drivers' seat than the MR2. I still need to sort out the seatbelt situation, since I don't like how it's currently mounted (probably going to use an MR2 part if I can get one), and I also need to get the little pump-bulb thing hooked up so I can have functional lumbar support. ALSO I need to look into brown aerosol fabric paint/dye so I can brown-ify the red seat to sorta match the rest of the interior.

T3 front suspension components are on the way. Camber plates, bearing upper hats, weld-on coilovers (with 400lb/in springs), and RCA's.

I also thought I'd make an official mod list for the car so far:
Engine/drivetrain -
MA70 W58 transmission swap
-MA60 clutch MC
-MA70 clutch SC
-MX73 flywheel
-Custom one-piece driveshaft
-DriftMotion braided steel clutch line
-ARP flywheel bolts
-AE86 clutch pedal
-MA70 speedo cable
-MA70 shifter/shift boot
ARP 7M-GTE head studs
Rabid Chimp intake w/ K&N filter
EGR delete
Mocal thermostatic oil filter sandwich plate
AE86 GTS oil cooler
Fuel pulse damper delete

TechoToyTuning heim joint adjustable panhard rod
Celica-Supra P-type wheels (14x7, -Cool with 195/70R14 tires

MA60 Celica-Supra P-Type driver's seat
Cheap-o water temp gauge

Soon to come:
T3 front suspension overhaul
-weld-on coilovers with 400lb/in springs
-camber plates
-bearing upper hats
Short stroke front strut conversion
-cut/shorten/reweld front housings
-SW20 rear KYB AGX shocks
Camaro KYB AGX shocks in the rear
Cut rear springs until I can find something better

In the future:
MA60 P-type passenger seat
Aftermarket steering wheel
Better rear spring solution
Complete exhaust overhaul
-RabidChimp header into 2.5" piping
-Magnaflow high-flow cat
-Magnaflow resonator
-Magnaflow muffler
195/60R14 tires
Fender roll + more low
Rear wheel spacers
T3 steering knuckles

Badge from a 70's Celica. 

Friday night I picked up this thing.

It's a 7M-GE OBX header for an MA70 Supra. The header itself should bolt on after a little grinding at the notch on the flange, but I think the downpipe will require some custom work, including adding the proper O2 sensor bung. No biggie, since the car will eventually be getting a custom exhaust anyway. I plan on cleaning up this piece, painting it, and wrapping it.
And before everybody get all "merr OBX is teh suxxorz merr", for the 5MGE you can pretty much do OBX or Pacesetter since that's all that's available. And this was $75. No complaints here.

Today I got under the rear and took some measurements to start figuring out a rear spring solution
This is with weight on the axle, just up on ramps.
9" spring height
5" diameter at the top where it meets the chassis
4" diameter at the bottom where it meets the axle
Want to lower around 2" - 2.5" and be MUCH much stiffer
Shock absorber length 16"

I also fixed the little squeeze ball thing for the inflatable lumbar support on the Supra seat. The bulb came from a friend who works for a company that sells used medical parts. He found it sitting in a warehouse somewhere and just gave it to me (free.99 for the win), and I happened to have a proper-sized hose laying around. 

It even stows under the seat for a pretty clean install. And it works great!

Took a spring out, measured it for real, and took it over to a friend's house to see if the bottom would fit on his spare AE86 axle. It doesn't. AE86 parts are out. I'm probably gonna grab some Volvo 5" diameter adjustable perches that should bolt up to the bumpstop mount on the chassis and work from there with some universal springs. Inexpensive and effective.

It's so beautiful.......should have....sent.....a poet......

So the stock Cressida seatbelt receiver is attached to the seat, whereas the Celica-Supra receiver is not. When I put the Supra seat in, I had to use an elongated bolt and sort of ghetto mount the Cressida receiver on a less-than-ideal spot on the Supra seat that was using a smaller bolt on an un-reinforced part of the seat frame. This also put the receiver at a very awkward angle that made it difficult to use.

Luckily, there is a large 14mm bolt that holds the seat slide guide rail to the transmission tunnel that would be perfect for mounting a receiver to. And AW11 MR2's use a chassis mounted receiver that's pretty long. So I posted a WTB ad on MR2OC and got a hold of a guy parting out a rare tan interior AW11 and got one of the receivers for like $12 or something. It works flawlessly and looks like it came from the factory that way

The only real mod I had to do was jumper the seatbelt warning light plug since the MR2 doesn't have one.

Now to get another receiver for when I do the other side......

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