Thursday, November 15, 2007

Skate Review

Skate is the first game to tackle the genre of skateboarding with any success since the Tony Hawk series faded into apathy. Rather than stringing huge crazy combos for massive points and secret tapes like the TH games, Skate aims for realism. You won't be doing double backflips over hellicopters in Skate. You roam around a city and skate on evryday objects like a real skater would. The control scheme is also revolutionary. Rather than having an "ollie, grind, flip, grab" button scheme, the right joystick controlls the movement of you feet to do tricks and the left stick controls your steering and body rotation. It really needs to be experienced to be understood.
However, like many games nowadays, the concept is better than the exicution. Skate is a good game, but suffers from some major flaws. The camera angle can be immensely frustrating at times. It is nearly impossible to do a speciffic trick on purpose, so challenges that require it are very tedious and inconsistant. Most of the sweet moments of the game, of which there are many, they are mostly completely by accident. Also, simple things like navigating the world is horrible. Tripping over curbs, getting hit by cars, the slightest uneven surface killing gets old.


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