Monday, November 26, 2007

Assassin's Creed is Done

I beat it yesterday. The game is beautiful....great graphics, charicter animations, textures, scope, etc....but the little flaws in the gameplay really add up after playing for more than a streight hour. Apparently I missed some of the fine (and important) details in the story, but after looking around online I get it now. The story is actually pretty cool. The ending is very cliffhangerish, but not in the Halo 2 "throw controller, smash tv, curse, yell, set off nuclear bombs" sort of way, but more like the "I am very intregued now" sort of way. Here's hoping that Ubisoft makes the rest of the triogy more human-friendly.

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Samurai Joe said...

Ok so I felt like AC was kind of like a parkour/GTA/Splinter Cell kind of experience... I am speaking with what little game experience I have in comparison with you. Either way never fear, I will be getting a 360 soon enough so that I might partake in the craziness... i need to know a good setup though for my cooling and such cause I dont want my XBOX to sound like its about to take off... or should i expect that?