Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mass Effect

Wow where to start? Other than the original Pokemon, Mass Effect is the best RPG I have ever played. It has probably the best graphics of any game I have ever played. It really pushes the 360 to its limits, and perhaps past them as there are some very very noticable texture pops (think pre-patch Halo 2 back in the day but worse). The gameplay is where this game really excells in my view. Because I am not a big RPG fan, the combat is a Godsend. When just walking around talking to people, the game feels very much like a next-gen Knights of the Old Republic. The combat, however is actually very similar to Gears of War. Third-person view and cover-based, it still uses RPG like elements of armor and weapon upgrades, powers, and special attacks that all flow very well. The story is also one of the best of any game ever. Truely a spactacular game with a few tech issues that can be overlooked.


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