Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Source of Inspiration

So in my internet travels today I stumbled upon a link someone posted on Facebook to a blog I had never read. Hyperbole and a Half is the best thing I have read in years, possibly ever. On the surface it appears to be humorous ranting just to get a laugh out of people (which it does because it's freaking hilarious) but if you read a lot of it (and I have read A LOT) you start to see the person down under the comedy. A person who's mindset I can strongly identify with. I know it sounds stupid but this dumb "comedy" blog has reached me very deeply and somehow made me feel.....normal? Like my frustrations and problems that no one else (or very few people) seems to share are not just me. It has been really uplifting to me in an unexpectedly significant way. Go check it out.

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