Sunday, June 26, 2011

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 16

GOD I am like twitching i cant freaking wait to get started on this HG.....I'm gonna go to Dicks or something tomorrow and get an EZ up so I can say FUCK YOU to mother nature and work on it even in the rain. Still need a 12mm and 10mm twelve point deep sockets though AND I need to call the Head Shop in VA beach and see how much it would cost to make sure the head is flat and how much it is to do a valve job

it has begun. pix tomorrow. if you want to follow my progress, you can download the BGB at
basically today I drained coolant, unplugged everything that can possably be unplugged (engine harness), dropped AC compressor, disconnected alternator, removed engine lid, battery, intercooler, strut bar, belts, some coolant hoses, vacuum lines, water pump pulley, and misc other stuff. tomorrow the throttle body/SC inlet assembly will come out and probably the supercharger too.

also picked up a caliper (for measuring shims later), a torque wrench, and 12 point deep sockets (10mm &12mm).

still no pics yet. but I got the throttle body/sc inlet, supercharger, fuel rail, vacuum stuff, wiring harness, and intake manifold, alternator, and AC bracket off. broke a plastic vacuum port on the supercharger VSV >.<
later will be alternator bracket, exhaust manifold, and who knows what else.
most bolts are going back where they came from, but what I remove I bag&tag. also vacuum lines are tagged


Today I got the alternator bracket and AC brackets off, as well as the distributor, exhaust manifold, cam covers, cam gears, and the intake cam.
The exhaust manifold was only being held on by 3/5 bolts. the one on the far right was backed out and the one on the far left was missing. Also, there is supposed to be a support bracket at the bottom of the manifold that connects to the block to reduce stress on the manifold......yeah that's not there so its literally 2 exhaust hangers and the manifold on the head that is holding my exhaust up. awesome.
wasn't planning on pulling the crank pulley but i couldnt get to the timing belt tensioner without removing the cover...and because my crank pulley is oversize there wasnt enough clearence to get it off so I had to remove it.
tomorrow will be the exhaust cam and hopefully the head will come off.

brand new exhaust manifold from Toyota is $208 + shipping......not horrible.
part number 1714116190

head is off.

As it sits now
ordered valve seals and exhaust manifold tonight.

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