Thursday, July 18, 2013

1986 MX72 Cressida Wagon Build "Joby" Part 4

Mother of sweet little baby Jesus I need this in my life....but so much moneyyyyyy


Plus the custom work it would take to connect all those things together. But holy crap that sound!!!!


Got the driveshaft back. It's purdey. I got it made at Standard Parts over at 500 Commerce Rd, Richmond, VA ‎(804) 233-8321
The front U-joint is a beefy replaceable "american type", the rear U-joint is a less-beefy-but-still-better-than-stock replaceable "newer Toyota type". The old shaft is 54.5" long, the new one is 58" long since the W58 manual trans is 3.5" shorter than the stock auto. 

 My package from DriftMotion came in today as well. Contents:
ARP 7M-GTE head studs (5/6/7M can all use them)
DM braided steel full-length clutch hydro line
New pressure plate bolts
ARP 5M/7M flywheel bolts
Tap for chasing the cylinder head bolt threads in the block
I should be picking up the head and the flywheel from the NAPA machine shop tomorrow

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