Saturday, March 13, 2010

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 4

replaced the speedo with the one from the parts car. i just gained 67,000 miles on the odometer in 20 minutes!

i need new inner tie rods and steering bellows. i've always had a knocking sound in the front right which turned to a terrible vibration and i want to get this done before i spend the money on an alignment after the suspension. so no interstate for me till i get an alignment. Its drivable with no major pulling at the moment without the alignment, but my steering wheel is like permenantly turned to the right about 15-30 degrees. slight pull to the left. but seeing as how i have $45 to my name, and the steering kit costs $125 plus the $100 or so for the front&rear alignment....yea i gotta wait for more money. I've already decided I can't make it to autocross this weekend which sucks, but im gonna go to the one at VIR in Feb....more expensive, but theres a driving school and I've never driven on a track before. I hear the Patriot course is awesome.

EDIT: living at home has its benefits. I havent really asked my parents for much in a mommy bought me the TwosRUs steering kit! Should be in by the end of the week and possible install on saturday followed by and alignment...and ill be good to roll

steering bits came in. inner/outer tie rod ends + LH/RH steering bellows. Also the bookstore at J Sarge (where I go to school) buys back textbooks when you're done with them for about half what you paid for them (better than nothing) so I got like $140 today for that which will cover my alignment and autocross on sunday. Also confirmed with Mr. Ju that we'll install the steering Sat morning. This should fix a problem the car has had since I bought it with a severe vibration at certain speeds and a clunking noise when driving over bumps (dirt roads, gravel, grass, cobblestones). so at least in THEORY I'll be ready to brake in the new suspension sunday at the race!
Ordered a Grant racing wheel and hub adaptor. Eventually I'm gonna get a quick release as a security thing.

OK so I need to update. We got all set up to replace all the steering junks, heaters, cleaned the garage, etc. So we get under there and low and behold its NOT the tie rods, its the actual rack itself. AND the rack on my parts car is just as crappy. So THEN we went to get an alignment and (again) low and behold, my REAR tie rods are seized up and they can't do an alignment! ARGH!!! Well the good thing was my alignment wasnt terrible anyways so I still raced on Sunday.
I got on MR2OC and I'll probably be getting a steering rack and the rear tie rods from one of those guys. And I found another guy on there who is gonna sell me a rear sway bar from an '85 (end links, all hardware, everything) which would be awesome cuz my car doesnt have one. So yea thats whats up.

Well I just ordered a non-wobbly steering rack and working rear tie rods off the forum. Steering wheel hub came in today. Rear sway bar is in the works. Aaaaaannnddd all my money is gone again. CURSE YOU, CARS!!!!!!

Steering wheel is installed. Steering rack, rear tie rods, and clear indicator lenses are on the way. As soon as I send the money order, the rear sway bar will be too.

steering wheel is awesome, just a small clearance issue with the turn signal stalk. The space between the wheel and it is just slightly smaller than the width of my fingers >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">1/30/09
Rear tie rods are here. I'm gonna wait for the steering rack and rear sway bar to get here, then I'll install all of it plus the new front inner/outer tie rods i bought like a month ago

I found a nice idea on how to make clear side marker light lenses to match my clear turn signal lenses. Might do that this weekend.

Clear lenses came in today. put some clear silicone goo on the edges to keep out moisture and put them on
also my steering rack came in today so this weekend when it's nice weather I'll probly be installing (at least pieces) of that along with the inner/outer front tie rods and the rear tie rods. Then an alignment.
my dogs thought it was really interesting and wouldnt stop sniffing it

retrofit tabs came in today....should help with the whole "putting on a rear sway bar" thing

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