Saturday, March 13, 2010

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 6

Removed spacers from front springs today so my ride height is mostly even now.
Ordered a boost gauge and pod this morning. Will install eventually.

boost gauge came in today. also bought some nylon tubing and copper tubing. all i need now is a T and a tool to flare the ends of the tubing. then installation.

wow just found a GREAT deal on a rear ST sway bar and all hardware. think i might get this. its stiffer than the OEM one. and no yoshi that is not what she said.

EDIT: Ordered.

boost gauge is in. sway bar is on the way.

now on a sadder note i have a few small problems and a medium sized problem
1. my front left turn signal bulb socket is massively corroded and so its not making enough resistance so it thinks the bulb is out even tho its not.
2. my intermediate wipers dont work
3. my steering column squeaks like crazy again.
4. i have a short somewhere that makes all the warning lights pop on, brights come on, and cruise control disengages. its super annoying and gonna be nearly impossible to diagnose. not really looking foreword to messing with this.
FIXED5. my positive battery cable end thing is messed up from previous owner cutting/splicing a new one and its not working too well

it was nice out today so i took pics

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