Saturday, March 13, 2010

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 9


car wont start. volts read fine but the starter just gives a click and does nothing. tried jumping, didnt work. push started it in the rain :(

sounds like it was running off the alternator on the way home....a high pitched "whirr"ing sound coming from the engine bay that increased with rpm. got home, turned it off, next to no voltage. *sigh*

im gonna test the battery tomorrow at work. if the battery is fine, ill take a closer look at the positive cable and starter. that positive cable has been in the back of my mind for a while

got the last piece of the TwosRUs short shift setup today. I had already installed the RSe drop plate and a 93+ SW20 shifter, but now i got the JonO tab (raises where the shift cable mounts to the shift lever = more leverage = shorter throw). took me 5 min to install. W00t.


i might have an opportunity to buy TRD springs. How does 162 lb/in front and 280 lb/in rear sound for daily driving?

TRD springs are ordered! i got one of FIVE sets left in the country (that he just got from Japan after kicking and screaming at TRD to get them over here)

List of stuff (mostly normal maintenance) to get done before/during spring autocross season in no particular order:

1. install TRD springs
2. replace thermostat (its on its way out takes a long time to warm, then goes back down when driven until like 20 min of driving)
3. replace front and rear brake pads with Porterfield R4S HP's (Rears are here, just need fronts)
4. maybe braided stainless brake lines
5. change transmission oil

then sometime this summer/when i have money get Tokico Illumina's or (if i have alot of money) koni yellows

TRD springs are here! so cool to have parts as rare as this :dance:
Also it came with this. Anyone read Japanese?

compared to the ST's, front is lower, rear is higher, and overall better handling, better steering response, while perhaps a slightly more comfortable ride. Also they actually fit right on the front with the ST's didn't really. they were too short and didnt contact the top when unloaded.

also here are the numbers:
Stock: 91 front, 131-211 progressive rear
ST: 126 lbs/in Front, 90 - 280 progressive rear
TRD: 162 Front, 280 rear

Just ordered a High & Tight brake master cylinder brace. Keeps the firewall from flexing under hard braking. Given that this spring's main focus is braking I figured this would be a good place to start.

next up is stainless lines, front pads, and maybe front slotted rotors

H&T brace still isnt here. they are waiting for more red ones to come in. i dont want gray :roll:

also ordered front pads. Porterfield R4S HP "Street & Autocross" pads (same as rear i ordered before), as well as Goodridge stainless brake lines

of course right as i spend all my money, something i actually need goes out. front sway bar endlinks are clunking like crazy. new ones are like $100 >.< 1/22/10 Pads n lines

Ive been reading up on how to flush/bleed the cooling system. very annoying with lots of piping in this car (coolant runs from the engine in the back allllllll the way up front to the radiator and back). This has been the thing keeping me from replacing my broken thermostat, but i think im now educated enough to do it.

Silicone intercooler couplings are here. gotta wait till this dang snow goes away before i can put them in.
Also ordered new adjustable front endlinks, a thermostat/gasket, valve cover gaskets, and some Redline MT-90. After I sell my ST springs in the next few days I'm gonna get coolant, paint stripper, hi temp primer, hi temp black paint, hi temp gray/white/silver paint, and hi temp red paint. thats right. i want to finally paint my nasty ass valve covers.

hopefully next weekend I can change the thermostat and burp the cooling system. soon id like to remove my valve covers (something im pretty intimidated about as I've never messed with an engine before) and strip the paint and repaint them.

thermostat, thermostat gasket, all 3 valvecover gaskets, and transmission oil all came in today. end links should be in this week. I'll probably pull my valvecovers tomorrow. still need stripper and paint tho

I'm selling off my ST springs and OEM rear sway bar soon so that will be a little money which is nice

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