Saturday, March 13, 2010

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 10

Took off cam covers and stripped the paint off. tomorrow I'll spray some brake cleaner down into the threaded places to clean them. then its a wipedown with some alcohol for one last cleaning, then ill start spraying. spray outside, then bring it inside to dry where its nice and warm overnight then coat the next night, etc till finished then ill reinstall them and run the car for a while. Also I need to order some washers and I would like to get a brushed stainless plug valley cover.

yea i got my paint and it says "apply all coats within 1 hour, allowing 10 minutes between each coat. For additional coats after 1 hour, wait 7 days for paint to cure. Dries to the touch in 1 hour. Can be handled in 3 hours."

so im guessing that means after im done with one color I have to wait 7 days to do the next color???

Also: this is why I'm poor :P
Also got the paint stripped off my cam covers. gonna get some alcohol to do one last clean before paint goes on.

installed today. just waiting for the washer gasket things to come in. (these things: ... ucts_id=89)

Still waiting for those gaskets to come in, but I ghetto rigged a temporary solution: washers with hi temp RTV on both sides.

Put mah new front end links on. so much beefyer than stock AND a spherical metal bearing instead of a rubber-booted ball joint.

transmission oil might have to wait cuz I dont feel like dealing with an almost rounded fill plug. Also its way too cold to do my thermostat right now. I'll do that later as well.

holy balls my gaskets are now in VA according to USPS tracking....only took them 1.5 weeks to get from PA to Sandston :roll:

Also returned my rear camber plates (cant use em cuz i dont have coilovers) and got some moneys which is good. will probably pay for Circuitschool in March. Might also get a stainless clutch hose while im at it.......we'll see. being online late at night makes me want to spend money really bad. its weird.

OH also got a sick nasty new oil cap that i haven't gotten pics of yet. really looks awesome. Black adonised aluminum with the AW11 Eagle (aka screaming chicken) etched into it.

FINALLY got my valvecover sealing washers in today

got pics of my bay with the new oil filler cap :D

ALSO i found a place that is a US dealer for the Quaife quick steering rack (so i dont have to pay $400 + shipping from the UK). Apparently forum people have gotten them for less than $300 shipped so this has now re-entered my scopes

Ordered a braided steel clutch line and a hydraulic engine lid prop kit a few days ago. should be here tomorrow :D

got the clutch line and the gas prop today. in the process of installing the prop i had to move my boost gauge line (copper tubing) which kinked and broke it. so now my boost gauge isnt connected to anything >.<

fixed it today. my problem was how i routed the line the first time. this time i routed it in such a way that its not obstructing anything or routed through stuff. and yea I'm sticking with copper.

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