Saturday, March 13, 2010

AW11 MR2 Build - "Akemi" Part 5

Ordered some urethane engine mount inserts today. yay for urethane bushings EVERYWHERE!

Picked up some GM Supercharger Oil. I've never changed the SC oil in my car and ill bet the previous owner didn't either. Should be interesting considering its super super hard to get to. Darn mid-engine everything being hard to get to. It's GM part number #12345982 for anyone out there with a 4A-GZE. Toyota supercharger oil costs $50 for a 50mL bottle.....the supercharger takes like 118 or something like that. I spent $20 at GM and got two 118mL bottles. win.
tomorrow is Supercharger oil, engine oil, oil filter, rear tie rods, retrofit tabs, steering rack, front inner/outer tie rods, and alignment day.

OK after an entire weekend of working....
1. changed oil/oil filter (pain in the ASS on my car)
2. changed supercharger oil (GIGANTIC EPIC pain in the ass, lots of aquarium tubing/syringes involved)
3. swapped out rear tie rods
4. installed the retrofit tabs for the sway bar (should be here tomorrow/tues ish)
5. dissassembled/reassembled a steering rack just for fun
6. new inner/outer tie rods on said steering rack
7. swapped steering racks

now the annoying wobble noise is GONE!

and i really need an alignment. and my steering wheel is 2/3 of a turn wrong. and i dont have the right kind of puller for the Grant bracket.

the only thing on that list id ever done before was change the engine oil/filter. yea. i feel very proud of myself.

shes back from the alignment and man does she feel nice. no more horrible wheel wobble or rattling noise. pretty much all that's left is the rear sway bar and motor mounts....for now...maybe brake rotors/lines later.

Rear sway bar and motor mount inserts came in today. I got the sway bar installed between classes.
got the urathane motor mount inserts installed. holy CRAP its loud in there now. at idle, everything buzzes and rattles, but under hard accel it sounds like a V8 back there.

so i replaced the front turn signal housings today. reason: the PO didn't tape it off when he got it repainted so with my clear lenses it looks red :banghead:
so i replaced them with ones from my parts car which are not red and are in fact slightly reflective :roll: but now my turn signals blink SUPER fast. i know its not a broken bulb cuz they all work. I think it might be the ground inside cuz the bulb sockets were pretty corroded. I might have to pull them out again and clean it up a bit. hopefully that will help.
OH and i also have 2 new tires on there now.
depending on how much my next paycheck is I might be getting some new plug wires and/or camber plates.

ok so i might have to spend money on a few more practical things before i get the Tein camber plates. like plug wires. and a helmet. also maybe a boost gauge. then teins. then wheels. then gruntbox.

the sway bar i put on is the stock rear sway bar from a 1985 mr2. it has the rigidity of a mushy stringbean. its like a 10mm bar. WAY small. havent autocrossed with it on yet but in daily driving i can't tell a difference.
T3 (Techno Toy Tuning) has some camber plates for my car that someone on the OC said work really well. I think I'm gonna get these. Not a bad price either. they also have alot of good stuff for AE86's and other older japanese cars.
Camber Plates have been ordered

Camber plates are here. Waiting till the weather is more favorable before installing. Probably Monday or Tuesday

just bought a new dizzy cap and rotor.
also, why do spark plug wires have to be so goddamn expensive

Got my T3 camber plates installed!

evil wobbling has returned with a vengeance. i can grab the front right wheel and wiggle it...its bad. i ordered a new balljoint and hopefully that will be it....if not then I might need a whole new hub.

also i have a new distributor cap/rotor waiting to go in...

turns out wiggle ACTUALLY = me being stupid and not tightening one of the bolts THAT HOLDS THE STRUT TO THE SPINDLE :roll:

epic fail. but its all better now. tonight i took apart my dash in the dark with a flashlight in my mouth JUST to get to a STUPID bearing in the steering column cuz it was squeaking like nobody's business....all better now. though my steering wheel is on about 30* to the left :banghead:

will pull it and fix it when its not dark outside. tho balljoint is still on the way. cant hurt to have an extra layin around

just finished my first attempt at replacing distributor cap/rotor. was way easier than i thought

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